4 Amazing Music Videos the Audience is in Love with!

Applications have open up a new world of pleasure and ease for the people in the present time. You can find a huge variety of videos out there to satisfy your buds. But again, if you are not putting efforts to check out the latest trending and popular videos then you are missing out on something grand.

It is a great thing to stay updated about the latest releases in the music and video world. There are surely musical videos out there that would give you an extensive experience. You should definitely go through the latest creations that are getting produced by professional artists. Have a look at some of them here.

  1. “Land of the Free,” The Killers

In an ever more polarized political weather, the lasting rock band formed their posture on the Trump administration apparent in this video for “Land of the Free,” it is a politically boosted and packed project that is directed by Spike Lee. It is mixed footage of asylum desirers at the border. These are situated in the tent cities and struggling along the migrant caravans. This video song is finally an answer to everything right from that of Sandy Hook shooting to constant vitriolic immigration policies. This video song is certainly going to open out a great harsh truth in front of you.

  1. Lil Dicky – “Earth”

This wonderful song named “Earth,” is a piece and short film by the amazing and loved comedy rapper Lil Dicky. The piece has to do all about climate change and butts. It might not be revolving around the glamour or the luxurious fancy things but the song has been turned out to be spot-on for the musical lovers. You can conveniently find people enjoying this musical track for sure. You should watch this musical song for once and you will definitely be full of praise for it too.

  1. Black midi: 953

This video song encompasses one of the toughest hitting lead guitar riffs in fresh memory. It has a robust and opening salvo that makes anybody wishes to leave everything behind and goes run a mile. The video is not too interesting but the music and the steady rhythm would keep you glued to this amazing piece of song and video would definitely play its part. You can give this video song a try and who knows you get steeply in love with the content and style!

  1. Alex Cameron: “Divorce”

Alex Cameron has really discovered a fresh character in “Divorce “himself. Encountering the risk of a sore breakup, he sings so amazingly in this song.  This song called Divorce is a gorgeous and ardent exclamation of sadness at the thought of losing a precious bond. You would surely find a pain, passion, persistence and plethora of emotions in this song.  You can keep your verdict on this song only once you listen to it and watch the video. You would definitely have an independent view afterwards.


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