Apple employees will come back to the office in September

The full-time full-time work arrangement of Apple employees can end in a few months. Tech Giant CEO has sent an email to employees, asking them to return to the office from September, depending on the Verge and Bloomberg. Tim Cook said most people will be expected on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at a minimum, with the opportunity to work at home on Wednesdays and Fridays.

The teams who have to work together in person will have to come in four to five times a week, but that does not come like a surprise. Some Apple employees were to continue working on the company’s offices at certain days during the pandemic height, although most could do remote work. “The call of the video conference reduced the distance between us, sure, but there are things that it simply can not reproduce,” wrote the executive in the letter.

Although employees are expected to enter the office most days, they will be able to work at a distance for two more weeks a year with the approval of a manager. Bloomberg says Cook cited the availability of COVID-19 vaccines and lower coronavirus infection rates in her letter. He also told staff in the past that they should have to return in June, but it seems that the chronology has been repulsed.

Apple Rival Google announced in May that it will adopt a new week of hybrid work in which most staff will also spend about three days working on the desktop. It provides that 60% of its workforce work on site when it breaks off its offices in September, while 20% will be in new office locations. The remaining 20% ​​will be able to work permanently at home. Meanwhile, Facebook Mark Zuckerberg’s CEO previously said that employees can apply for permanent remote work and 50% of the social network workforce could work at home within five to ten years.

Cook called the flexible configuration a “driver” in his letter, adding that it will be re-evaluated in 2022.

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