Best Phone Tracker App without Them Knowing

Are you looking for the best phone tracker app to secretly monitor cell phone activities of someone else? There are several mobile phone monitoring and tracking solutions rightly available in the market. There are different brands claiming to provide the best tracker app. It has made the selection of a worthy mobile phone monitoring app difficult. We have reviewed several popular phone trackers to help beginners pick up the most reliable one. When compared with others, TheOneSpy android surveillance app is found to be the most worthy mobile app that enables the end-user to secretly supervise digital activities of concerned individuals and groups. Read on to know about features, working and price of the app.

Best Hidden Android Tracker App

The phone tracker solution of TheOneSpy is particularly intended for parents and employers to remotely supervise digital activities of children and employees. It enables the user to remotely witness and capture almost every activity performed on the targeted device without letting the target know. The app is completely undetectable and it executes all operations without alerting the target. It does not create any sound or notification on the target device while executing command. Moreover, the app icon can be hidden during installation. In short, the spy app allows the end-user to closely but secretly watch out cell phone activities of the target without leaving any hint of spying.

How Phone Tracker App Works?

The tracker app works in stealth mode without alerting the target. Once it is installed on an android smartphone, the end-user can operate the app via online control panel accessible on a mobile phone or computer browser.The app creates a secret online backup of data saved on the target phone. It enables the end-user to access important information of the target such as chats, internet browsing detail, emails, call history, media files and more.

Core Features of Best Tracking Solution

The cell phone surveillance software comes pre loaded with scores of features enabling the end-user to secretly sneak into an android device. We have discussed here core features of the app.

Screen Recording

The android parental control app enables parents to restrict children from getting engaged in wrongdoings. It captures screen of kids’ mobile phone devices to let parents know what their little ones are doing. The command for screen recording can be sent via online control panel and the recording can be retrieved from the online portal.

Call Recording

The phone calls received and made by the target can be traced with the help of call recording feature of the app. It automatically records all inward and outward calls and uploads to the web portal. It also provides access to contact detail of callers and receivers.

Surround Monitoring

The spy on android lets you see what the target is doing or what is happening in their surroundings. It secretly turns on front and back cameras of the device and start taking photos or making videos as per direction of the end-user. It also enables the user to listen to the conversations of the object by secretly turning on microphone of the target smartphone.

GPS Location Finder

The parental control app helps to find out GPS location of kids’ smartphones. By logging into the online portal, parents can find out where their kids are at the moment.

Access Browsing Detail

The surveillance app secretly uploads the internet browsing history to the online portal. It enables the end-user to evaluate internet usage of the target.


The app records keystrokes and uploads to the online portal. It enables the end-user to access passwords, email addresses and usernames.

Read Chats

The messages received and transmitted by the target can be read without accessing the phone. It includes SMS, MMS and messages exchanged via popular instant messaging apps.

Monitor Social Media

The activities performed on Facebook, Instagram and many other popular social networking apps can be supervised with the help of monitoring app. The user can see chats, posts, comments and friend-lists of the target.

Compatible Devices& OS

The spyware app is compatible with android smartphone and tablets running Android OS 5 and greater than that. It supports all mobile phone networks and popular smartphone brands such as Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Haier, Motorola and Huawei.

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