Canon’s EOS R3 without mirror camera could arrive earlier than expected

It was only a month that announced that Canon announced that EOS R3 was developing and it seems that the camera can start soon.

Camera retailers around the world have begun to register the next camera without a pro-level frame mirror on their websites – including B & H photo in the United States and Georges in Australia.

Although none of them really mentions a price on their sites, a Google search displays a price tag of $ 6,000 listed under the American Reseller Adorama.

These reserved space ads may indicate that the Canon EOS R3 could be started soon. We expected this to happen in time for the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo who should start on Friday, July 23 (provided everything is going well on the pandemic front), but we may not need Wait next month for the official launch announcement.

We have already had images of leaks on Twitter through a crowd of prolific camera and camera camera, as well as many whispers on the wind on how the body will cost.

The reports suggested that Canon plans to compromise the competition and price of EOS R3 lower than that of EOS 1-DX Mark III and Sony Alpha A1 currently costs – at launch, rumors suggest that EOS R3 will carry a price tag of $ 5,999 (about € 4,215 / £ 725). This seems to be confirmed by the price of $ 6,000 that is displayed on Google search results, as shown in the screenshot above.

To put this price in perspective, the 1-dx Mark III had a launch price of $ 6,499 / € 6,499/99999 in 2020, while the Sony A1 arrived earlier in 2021 for $ 6,500 for $ 6,500 / 6,499 € / € 10,499.

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This, as Canon explained, would put the EOS R3 between the Canon EOS R5 (at the price of $ 3,899 / £ 4,199 / $ 6,899 / $ 6,899) and the 1-DX Mark III – not the “lighthouse” We thought it was supposed to be supposed to be.

Analysis: high-end specifications for a better price

Given what we already know about the specifications and features of EOS R3, it is definitely shaped to be a professional sport shooter. But if EOS R3 arrives cheaper than the Sony A1, could it lack certain characteristics that the Sony boasts? This could be in the form of a lower resolution of the sensor, which would be logical if Canon gives priority to speed (it is rumor to be able to pull bursts of 30fps like the A1).

Looking at the images of the leak, especially that of the arrangement of the rear control, it seems that the R3 is identical to the 1-D x Mark III – the new intelligent controller included. This indicates that the camera is designed for the benefits and that happened cheaper than the 1-DX Mark III will allow Breding professionals to touch the Canon R system, especially now that there is an excellent telephic optics of the arsenal RF.

Unfortunately, this also indicates that Canon is probably not considering doing more pro dslrs and believes that existing users in Series 1 will switch to its mirror-free system.

Another factor that could help Canon Price The lower R3 is a weatherproof seal. Although it will have a certain degree of weather seal, the memory card slot lacks the torsion lock available in the DSLRs of the series 1. It also lacks the smallest LCD screen indicating the shooting settings on the 1-D X.

A look closer to the back of the R3 also indicates that it arrives with a completely articulated display, which has never been used in the DSLR version. This provides a versatility to different types of photographers, which means that Canon is not just about news and sports photographers, but potentially make this type of camera greater.

All this is always conjecture however. We still have no idea when Canon will officially launch EOS R3 and what will be the last list of features. But a competitively tarifted camera that comes with high-end specifications really looks like a good barrel tactics.

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