ChromeBooks could soon be able to broadcast android phones applications

Microsoft and Samsung enjoy a rather comfortable partnership that integrates Samsung Android phones and Windows 10 pcs almost smooth. In certain models, someone can even run an Android application on the desktop and laptop as if they are the original Windows program. It seems almost ironic, then, Android and Chrome OS don’t have it, considering they are made by the same one and the company. Can change immediately and the Chrome OS phone hub does allow users to stream applications from their cellphones to their Chromebook.

In the second thought, it might not be really surprising to realize how wide the gap between Chrome OS and Android, even though parents are ordinary. Google has always been a giant company where the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. Of course, Google has bridged the gap between the two platforms but there must be a lot of work to do.

XDA opens evidence from the latest version of the Google Play service that points to the bridge that is even more intimate. The evidence, unfortunately, is just a string of text talking about the ability to “stream application to your Chromebook”. Of course, it hasn’t been activated so that the site doesn’t have the chance to test what it is.

Also not much information about how Google will apply this feature. It is reported to have worked on building technology on WebRTC, which is used mainly for video chat, to synchronize videos and send data between devices to both directions. However, more importantly, this feature is recorded depending on Google Play services and may even be exclusive for pixel phones.

Closer bridges between Chrome OS and Android have long died, especially considering how different Windows laptop vendors have applied something similar for almost years now. Just yesterday, even that Google announced the support of Chrome OS for Android nearby, making it not painful to share things between Chromebooks and Android Devices.

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