Compuex 2021 dates, keys and all news from break

Compuex 2021 is now booming, although this year is online only. Although things were in the air because of the pandemic – the conference was canceled in 2020 – the Taipei Computer Expo is back with a packaged range that includes some of the main names of IT.

All his keys will be online, rather than big showcases in person. The good news is that big names like Nvidia, AMD and Intel all have Big Compondex Keynotes and businesses like Acer, Arms and Gigabyte will all be present at the show. This means that there is a lot of things to appreciate – we suspect that many of these companies use the global lock very productively.

It is safe to be an hectic show, even if it’s all online this year and the event has already started thanks to the keys by Intel, AMD and NVIDIA.

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What is that? The biggest computer conference of the year

When is it? May 31 to June 30, 2021

Where is it? Online

Compondex 2021 News

Intel 11 Gen processors take control of AMD with speeds of 5.0 GHz

Intel has announced a pair of new U series chips, one of which will be the first 5 GHz processor of the series, in ComputerEx 2021.

These are the Intel I5-1155G7 core and the I7-1195G7 kernel. The I5-1155G7 kernel will become Intel’s most powerful chip, while the i7-1195g7 becomes the first low-power chip that can be caused up to 5 GHz. Acer, Asus and HP have been announced as some of the first equipment vendors that will offer laptops based on the new Tiger Lake processors later this year.

HP brings power with new Elite and Pro desktop computers

HP announced new business computers in its elite and pro ranges propelled by the latest AMD Ryzen Pro 5000 office chips to ComputerEx 2021.

According to HP, it is the “smaller and most powerful forms of forms of ultra-ministry forms”, which will also be present almost silent. There should be no distracted fan sound.

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