“Dune” from David Lynch will be released on 4K Blu-ray in August

When Denis Villeneuve dune is debuted in HBO Max later this year, it will not be the first adaptation of the film of Frank Herbert’s seminal fiction novel. In such a way that it is, that distinction belongs to the 1984 David Lynch film of the same name. The dune was a critical and commercial failure. His budget of $ 40 million was not recovered at the box office, and critics like Roger Ebert hated him. But for all their faults, the film has built somewhat of a cult that continues over the years. And arrives on August 31, Arrow’s films will reelect Lynch’s “worst” film at 4K Blu-ray in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

As Slashfilm points out, the arrow will offer dune into standard formats and luxury editing. The latter comes with an additional disk and a steel box. Anyone with which you go, you will get extras like a folding poster and postal lobby cards. As for the film itself, it is a 4k restoration of the original negative chamber with support for Dolby Vision and HDR10. You can listen to the original audio in Stereo or DTS-HD not compressed, for example, about what goes to the rest of the movie, that the Toto soundtrack still gives a slap. The new special features include the tracks of audio comments by film historian Paul M. Sammon and the Host Host Mike White projection stand. Unfortunately, it does not seem that arrow convinced Lynch to record a comment track: the director distanced himself from the project shortly after he hit the cinemas. However, the company says that the list of special features could change between now and release. Dune is available for pre-order today from today by £ 25.

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