Ensure your DTH connection has these features

DTH connections have become the norm today. If you have a TV at home and want to get connections to live TV channels, you definitely need a good DTH connection. HD TVs are becoming more and more popular with time and you should get a good DTH service for yourself. Also, you should have a service that lets you do easy DTH recharge. Keeping all of these in mind, Airtel DTH HD is a really good service. But, let us take a look at the features that your service provider should offer you.

  • Get the right channels – The thing that DTH operators try to do is entice you with a large number of channels. What would it matter if you do not ever watch those channels? There are a lot of free channels included in the basic package. You should also check how often the operator adds new channels. Also, you might be interested in regional channels and check if they are being provided by your DTH service provider. Also, check out if there are interactive channels in the mix.
  • Get good package plans – Operators now allow you to go with a-la-carte channels, where you select a few channels at higher prices. But a package deal will offer you better rates on a monthly basis. If you can find a package that contains the channels you want at a lower rate, you should try it out. You should know that the basic package would not contain movies or sports channels. You would need to pay extra for the lifestyle channels.
  • Installation – The operator should tell you about the installation charges well in advance. You should check if the operator charged you extra for the installation. You should also check if the installation contains the cost of the coax cable and clips. You should also check how much it would cost to relocate a connection.
  • HD and 3D channels – High definition channels have become very popular these days. A lot of channels offer their content in high definition. However, you should make sure that you have an HD TV to enjoy the HD content. These channels cost more than the standard definition channels. Also, you need to decide if you really need these channels. The same is applicable for 3d channels.
  • Recording – In case, you are not present to watch a show, the set-top box should have the capacity to record it offers you in case, you want to watch it afterwards. You can record your favouriteprogrammes with the help of Airtel Xstream. Even DTH recharge for this operator is quite easy.
  • Portability – You should consider if your operator is allowing DTH portability. Though the feature had been talked about since long, it is only at present that the feature has been allowed into the market.

These are some of the features that make your DTH connection very suitable. If you want to have a good enjoyment at your home, a DTH connection is the best bet.

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