Hair oil: an obligation for each and every person

Hair oils are extensively used for hair care in India as well as abroad. Herbal and synthetic products are indigenously available to produce hair oils. Conventionally, hair oils were made from castor oil, coconut oil, or sesame seed oil. But currently, hair oils are made from white petroleum oil to improve the quality of the product and reduce cost.

Taking care of your hair:

  • Like conditioners and shampoos, conditions and cleans the hair, well-composed hair oil takes complete care of your hair.
  • Hair oil moisturizes your hair and scalp, prevents hair fall, promotes the growth of hair, and fights dandruff.
  • Specific implementation in oil delays graying of hair makes your hair smooth and imparts shine. Ayurvedic hair oil for hair loss is often recommended by doctors and experts to control fair fall.
  • For strong and beautiful hair, use hair oil to massage your head before going to sleep. For better results, you may wrap your hair with a steamed towel for about 30 minutes as it gives your hair a lustrous look.
  • Oiling and massaging your hair and scalp stimulates blood circulation, which is beneficial for your hair. Your hair is shielded with oil from the powerful rays of the sun.
  • You should always consume the right food for the health of your hair. Unhealthy food like processed and canned food damages your hair, so it is better to avoid its consumption.
  • Oil your hair for at least 2- 3 times a week to get healthy and beautiful hair. It will show you a big difference if you do it regularly.

How is oil beneficial for your hair?

  • Hair usually tends to get dry, lifeless, and frizzy because of exposure to sunlight. Excessive heat and sun rays damage your hair extensively, which results in dullness and even dry hair textures. This heat damage can be healed, or you may soothe your scalp by applying castor oil as it has excellent cooling properties.
  • Hair becomes very brittle because of sweat, chlorine, and prolonged exhibition while in the swimming pool. So, it is advised to apply a fusion of gingelly oil, castor oil and coconut oil along with white hibiscus leaves and aloe vera which acts as an adhesive, fastens the cuticles thus providing you with shiny and soft hair.
  • The primary benefit of hair oil is the presence of fatty acids in them, which restores the lost lipids in your hair. Loss of fats is one of the significant reasons behind split ends.
  • Oil makes your hair stronger, prevents it from breakage as it strengthens the hair from its roots. You may apply ayurvedic hair oil for hair-fall and re-growth of hair as it has got no side effect.
  • It is best to apply coconut oil in summer as it is very light and comfortable. It cleanses dead cells and dirt on your scalp on shampooing after applying oil to your hair, also nurtures your scalp.
  • Almond oil keeps your hair healthy, facilitates the growth of hair as it has vitamin E, and is a quality hair cleanser.
  • Olive oil is also great during summer due to its feature of deep penetration into the scalp, provides nutrition to your scalp and hair from within.

So, choose the right oil for your hair to get relief from your hectic schedule and keep your hair healthy, happy, and beautiful.

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