Hannah Stocking Net Worth 2020, Dating Life, Career

In recent years, many new internet stars appear. However, not all of them get a lot of popularity. However, the beautiful Hannah Stocking is one of the most famous internet celebrities. In addition, he is a social media personality, and he is also known as an extraordinary model. Attractive women have a large number of followers and fans on different platforms.

If you live with us, you will learn a lot of amazing facts about his life, career, and personal life. Stay here and enjoy our article.

Early life 

Hannah Jo Stocking-Siaggis was born in Ashland, Oregon, United States, on February 4, 1992. Even though he was born in the United States, his descendants came from Greece and Hungary. Their last name is Siagkris, but they turn into stockings.

His parents were Holly and Jon Stocking, and he grew up with them. He also has Ruby’s younger sister.

An interesting influencer completes Ashland Middle School in Oregon. After he finished high school, he continued his education at Dominican University in California.

Professional career

The beautiful woman began her career when she posted a video on the Vine platform. The video was given the names of girls reacting to Boys vs. How boys respond to women. Immediately after, stocking appeared in another funny video along with catfish pons and Vale Genta. The video called him out of mind.

Thanks to some online appearance, stocking gets various offers from agencies that love their work. In 2017, the beautiful woman collaborated with E! and won the Grammy award. In the same year, Hannah participated in the Vidxb convention located in Dubai, where she appeared with catfish pons.

In 2018, he worked with ATTN, which is a company that created a video. Thanks to the company, influencers have the opportunity to make many extraordinary videos and post them online. At the same time, it works with several major brands such as Google and FIFA.

Supermodel also makes appearances in various videos made by several popular stars. Some of them are Justin Bieber, Jay Electronica, Bear Poop, and more.

Dating life

Hannah has several relationships known by the public eye. The internet star, Twan Kuyper is one of his partners. The couple began dating in 2016, and they broke up in 2017. However, they returned together two years later. At that time, the birds posted photos where they enjoyed their time.

Before the relationship with Twan, influencer on the date of NBA, Klay Thompson. It seems like he loves athletes, because he is also on a date with the NBA player Kyrie Irving.

Hannah Stocking Net Worth 2020

During his career, Hannah had a lot of success in modeling, and he appeared on the cover of the magazine. At the same time, he has succeeded in internet careers.

All of these works carry a large amount of money. By 2020, the net worth of Hannah Stocking is estimated at $ 3 million.

Interesting models like to spend money on clothes and cars. He lives in a superb villa and has a luxury car.

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