Hong Kong Tourist Visa from India – Must-read tips for visa applicants

You reviewed the title correctly. In this article, I’m going to discuss everything you require to learn about Hong Kong vacationer visa. Right here I’ll be describing why you must use, how you can use, and also what the prerequisites are. Continue analysis this short article, as I’m most likely to assist you with all details that you need to require to accomplish your Hong Kong fantasy. Likewise, I’ll be mentioning my favoured Hong Kong visa consultancy service, so remain tuned for that.

Leading reasons to request a Hong Kong visitor visa from Delhi

Hong Kong dominates the world for preserving one of the most extraordinary economic climates in the world. However, Hong Kong is quite distinctive from China. Partially because Hong Kong is an entirely democratic and secular part of China. Furthermore, the influence of China has been maintained a minimum on this land. This has aided Hong Kong to achieve its one-of-a-kind demographic.

In the darkness of high skyscrapers, Hong Kong isn’t the wrong place for tourist either. Instead, because of its easy visa assisting in solutions, this location has turned into one of the prime destinations for Indian vacationers. A few of the renowned destinations to loosen up your holidays in Hong Kong are Hong Kong Sky Line, Victoria Park, Big Buddha, Wong Tai Wrong Holy Place, Repulse Bay, and also much more.

Undoubtedly, visiting Hong Kong for tourism or any other factor is the easiest compared to any other nation. Most of the times, you do not also need a visa at all. Appears insane, best? I suggest, how can you potentially get in a foreign nation, without having a permit. Allow’s go over that in the following subheading.

Pre-arrival registration, how to register and also qualification

Due to Hong Kong’s unique market, tourists can enter and also stay in this administrative region of China from 14 to 180 days without a visa. For how long can you stay in Hong Kong without a permit, depends upon your nationality. Thankfully for Indians, this period is two weeks.

However, “without a visa” doesn’t imply any individual can infiltrate. For this, one has to complete the on the internet pre-arrival enrollment. For Indians, pre-arrival registration stands for up to six months or up until your passport’s expiry. All you need is a legitimate key and a notice slip to go into Hong Kong for a maximum remain of 14 days. If you wish to remain for greater than 14 days, you have to get a visa then.

As an Indian, you can make an application for pre-arrival registration free of cost, if you fulfil the complying with standards:

  1. The candidate has to have a legitimate key for as much as six months.
  2. The duration of stay should not surpass 14 days.

Here’s a glimpse at exactly how you can look for pre-arrival registration.

  1. Search the main website of the Migration Department Of Hong Kong.
  2. Click the link, ‘Pre-arrival Enrollment for Indian nationals.’
  3. Get in the details needed in the fields. Make sure that the info matches the ones on your key.
  4. Finally, send your application. The procedure is immediate, as well as you’ll be educated concerning your application status right away.

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If your registration succeeds, the ‘Alert Slip’ will be printed on an A4 sheet. Registrants can track the condition of their pre-arrival registration on the very same website. If not, then you may obtain a second time. If it’s turned down once again, then you should get a routine visa, also for tourism functions. The visa application can likewise be made through the very same portal of the Hong Kong Migration Division.

It’s not the moment to shut this page yet since I’ve additionally discussed just how you can apply for a Hong Kong visa. Continue reading to find out more.

How to get a Hong Kong tourist visa?

Much like pre-arrival registration, looking for a visa is relatively simple. Though you have alternatives for both on-line and offline registration, you need to take into consideration doing it in an on-line method. Nevertheless, in both instances, you must affix the VFS (Visa Facilitation Services) authorization kind with your visa application.

If you like the offline process, you can send your application to the Chinese embassy. This can be rather tough as you may need to go to the consular office physically several times. That’s why you should choose the on-line setting, where it’s just submitting the on the internet application and also submitting the necessary files. Additionally, you can track the status of your application via the very same web site.

After you have actually submitted the application and also needed files, you need to pay the visa charges. To learn more like record needs as well as visa charges, you can describe the main website of the Hong Kong Migration Department or your neighbourhood embassy. As quickly as your application is submitted as well as processed, you’ll be educated about its condition.

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Hong Kong Vacationer Visa Demands


Your eligibility for getting your Hong Kong visa accepted, depends on some factors like nationality, age, health and wellness problems, and previous federal government documents. Nevertheless, it would certainly assist if you continuously check at your regional consular office about the existing criteria for eligibility. The following bullets may be helpful to you in learning about your capability to obtain a Hong Kong visa.

  1. The applicant has to possess a ticket that stands for up to six months from the expected day of arrival in Hong Kong.
  2. Children under 18 years aren’t permitted to see Hong Kong by themselves unless their parents or guardians accompany them.
  3. A medical certificate, mentioning that the applicant is physically as well as emotionally self-supportive.
  4. You have to be eligible as well as have to offer evidence that you can economically sustain yourself and also your dependents in Hong Kong. To help this requirement, your credit rating needs to be clean, and your bank equilibrium should be preserved according to the referred amount in the application form.

Document Demands

One needs to be careful concerning the papers called for as well as submitted since either it can make or break your efforts. Check out the guidelines meticulously while choosing and also publishing your records. For avoiding any unnecessary delays, it’s suggested to lodge your application three months before your trip.

Please make sure that your files stand as well as straightforward because it might trigger delays as well as even being rejected. In this situation, too, you ought to check at your local consular office ahead of time regarding what records are necessary. The following are mainly needed for the Hong Kong tourist visa application.

  1. Legitimate ticket for as much as six months from the day of getting here in Hong Kong.
  2. Loaded and authorized applications
  3. More than three passport photos
  4. Proof of financial ability to sustain oneself and also dependants
  5. National identity as well as civil standing files.
  6. Cops verification of having no previous criminal offences
  7. A clinical certificate, specifying that you’re physically and mentally in shape
  8. Treatment letter, discussing your objective & period of your visit

For offline entry, you need to lug the original documents, in addition to xeroxes for human verification. See to it that you also have all the papers stated above throughout your stay/visit to Hong Kong.

Why is Radvision Globe Working as a consultant one of the most influential Hong Kong vacationer visa consultants?

You’re obtaining a visa for the first time, aren’t you? As a result, you may make errors while filling the application or sending the files. This may trigger unavoidable delays and also a rejection of your application. Likewise, getting your visa authorized is an extensive and time-consuming process. That’s why it’s suggested to contact a visa consultancy solution, that’ll care for everything throughout the trip.

Radvision World is a certified Hong Kong visa expert that can expedite the procedure of your visa application. As specialists, they abide by the regulations, and also thus, they can aid in timely filling the form and again submitting the essential documents. The experienced & knowledgeable Hong Kong vacationer visa consultants at Radvision Globe can suggest you throughout your every action.

They additionally aid in obtaining the records that you don’t currently have, such as medical certification. Hence, if you choose Radvision Globe as your visitor visa specialist, there’s a high opportunity that you’ll obtain yours accepted.

Hong Kong traveller visa– Frequently asked questions

Just how much time does it require to get a visa approved?

The moment required for getting one visa approved to varies, depending upon the line before your application. Moreover, delays can be caused due to mis-filled documents. If every little thing goes as prepared, it usually takes around 4-6 weeks.

What is the financial need to visit Hong Kong?

On a minimum, an ordinary person may require around 600 Hong Kong Dollars per day. Hence for remaining in Hong Kong, you must fit around 18000-20000 HKD per month. Moreover, your bank equilibrium needs to be kept according to the norms.

Can I schedule trip tickets before my visa approval?

In many cases, you may need confirmed trip tickets to show the authenticity of your see. Nonetheless, it’s suggested to book refundable tickets, so that you will not shed a buck if your visa obtains declined.


So, what are you awaiting? If your dreams are everything about going to the adventurous lands of Hong Kong, after that you should start lodging your application from today itself. On this trip, you can rely on professionals like Radvision Globe, that can assist you in getting your visa accepted. So, leave your couch as well as ping Radvision Globe to begin accomplishing your dreams to check out Hong Kong.

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