Huawei Watch 3 with harmony views in nature

The great event of Huawei is just in one day or two, depending on the side of the world, and many will be curious about what Harmonyos really brings to the table. Huawei will likely pose a high concentration on how its local operating system will operate on smartphones in response to its inability to get applications and Google Play applications on its devices. Part of the Harmonyos promise, however, is its ability to run on many smart devices, just like Android, including SmartWatches, like this presumed Huawei Watch 3 that some Netizens took pictures.

Huawei uses his own personality “Liteos” on his smartwatches anyway, so it’s not if a difference of what Huawei is already doing. Put Harmonyos on its next SmartWatch, however, opens doors to more applications, assuming that there are enough notable applications to be worthwhile to be users. Based on these escape photos, there is at least one, or at least its notification.

The house at home got pictures of what is said to be the Huawei 3. In terms of design, the smartwatch retains its circular body of predecessor, but a little mixtures with regard to the buttons. There is a crown dial on the right top, as indicated by the Huawei teaser and a flat button below it.

Of course, the bigger change will be the software, but it might not look so different from the Huwaei Liteos at first sight. The face of the watch with the shortcuts of the application is always there and a drop-down panel. One of these notifications comes from WeChat, one of the most popular courier services in China, but it is not clear if it’s just a notification or if there is a local application installed on the SmartWatch.

Huawei officially unveils Harmonyos, technically Harmonyos 2.0, June 2nd and, hopefully, answer a lot of our questions about the nature of the platform. That said, the biggest question will remain unanswered for a few months, and that Harmonyos will help the company recover the land lost on the smartphone market.

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