JEE 2020 Preparation: Tips To Develop Good Memory Skills

Recollecting the right answer during an exam is crucial for students if they want to score better marks than their competitors. However, sometimes, students tend to forget the information they have learned, and this usually has a negative impact on their results. One of the primary reasons for students failing to remember what they have studied is because they have not prepared properly. Additionally, the amount of pressure they face in writing the exam especially competitive ones like IIT Joint Entrance Exam could be another reason.

While this is a common situation among students, it is really important to retain and recall information clearly as it is closely related to achieving success in the exam. The simple fact is that the more questions students answer correctly, the more marks they will obtain and ultimately be ahead in the competition. Therefore, if you are a student who is planning to appear for IIT JEE then you should develop a competent memory to crack the exam. If you are wondering how there are several methods to do so. There are even scientifically proven strategies and exercises that can help you increase your memory power and retention capability. In this article, we will learn about those techniques and you can follow them to enhance your memory skills.

Start Visualizing the Concepts   

Many studies have shown that subjects who were able to visualize certain information could recall information more effectively and clearly. Visualization is a powerful technique that allows information to be imprinted strongly in the mind. You can use this technique to study productively and also develop better memory to recall the correct information during the exams. It will be very helpful while studying physics and chemistry concepts.

Studying Different Subjects

JEE exam is centred around three main subjects: Physics, Math, and Chemistry. When you are studying these subjects, you will need a good memory for remembering the formulas, equations, theorems. What you can do here is that you should adopt different styles of studying to develop a better memory. If you are studying math you should actually practice problems by writing all the steps involved in the calculation. As for physics and chemistry, using acronyms to remember certain facts and other information can prove to be useful. Writing down formulas or making flashcards for easy reference can also help.

Start Reading More Content For Better Memory Registration 

The ability to recall information can be easily improved by developing a habit of reading. Once you read more and more about the concepts, your memory registration will improve. In the end,  you will remember the information with more clarity.

Understanding The Concepts 

One of the main reasons for students forgetting what they have learnt is because they have not understood the topics in a clear manner. The other reason could be that they were engaged in rote learning. During your JEE Main Exam preparation, you should make sure to get a logical understanding of the concepts and not rely on mugging up the concepts. Remember, questions in JEE are designed to test your in-depth knowledge about the topics as well as your analytical skills.

Alternatively, you should try to interpret the information you have read in your own words. You can also try to teach or explain the topic to your friend. This way, you will be able to recollect information for a longer period of time.

These are some of the proven strategies that can help you drastically improve your memory and how you remember information. You can follow these to ace the JEE exam.

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