Know the Types of Rotis You Can Savour

Roti is considered as one of the staple food of Indians. It is regularly consumed by them as it is also very good for health. You will find that roti is prepared in a variety of methods in different places. The most regular form of roti is made from whole wheat flour, so it is rich in proteins, fibre and carbohydrates. Thus,rotisare great at providing energy for the day to day activities. Ayurveda also suggests that roti has properties that can balance our vata, pitta and also cough. Consuming roti on a regular basis has a lot more benefits.

Varieties of Indian rotis

Roti which is also popularly known as chapatti is a kind of flatbread. It has an Indian origin and is made from wheat flour which has been stone ground to a fine powder known as atta. It originated in India but now it is consumed all over the world. Here are a few common types of Indian rotis:

  • Naan– with any north Indian dish, naan is a compulsory accompaniment. A north Indian meal without naan is incomplete. The main constituents of naan are plain flour, oil and yeast. But people who do not prefer yeast can use any kind of substitute such as yoghurt, milk or baking powder. It is traditionally prepared in a tandoor. Adding butter to freshly prepared naan increases its flavour.
  • Tandoori Roti– everyone must have heard of this. Tandoori roti is one of the most commonly available forms of roti. It is also prepared in a tandoor. It doesn’t require many ingredients. Whole wheat flour is the main one. It tastes delicious with any Indian curry or subzi.
  • Kulcha– this is a little fancy Indian bread but is very simple to make. It is prepared with plain flour and curd and is often stuffed with some sort of filling. Kulcha tastes best when paired with any Mughlaidish.
  • LacchaParatha– it is a traditional and multi layered form of paratha. Though being a simple roti made with plain flour and water, it tastes great. Unlike the other rotis which are baked, this one is prepared by shallow frying.
  • Makhani Roti– this roti has come from the well-knownMughal cuisine. They have an abundance of butter, ghee and cream in their dishes and this roti is not far behind. The butter or ghee adds a different flavour to the roti, making it yummier.
  • Shreemal– this famous Indian bread is known for its saffron flavour. This roti is slightly sweet in taste. Instead of water sweetened milk which is flavoured with saffron is used to prepare the dough. It is then baked in a traditional oven.
  • Khamiri Roti– yeast is a main ingredient of this roti. Because of it the roti turns out soft and spongy. Khamiri actually means yeast. It goes well with any kind if Indian subzi.
  • VarquiParatha– this paratha is prepared with both wheat flour and plain flour. The mixture is turned into multi layered parathas and served hot with your favourite Indian dish.

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