Lexi net rivera worth 2020, career, personal life

Lexi Rivera is one of the most popular Instagram and YouTube stars. Thanks to a large number of followers on various social media, he gained great popularity. Some posts related to Brent’s brother, who is also an internet star. Many people enjoy their funny videos and creativity, which they show every day.

Then read our article, and you will learn some extraordinary facts about influencers. If you are ready, let’s enjoy it.

Early life 

Alexa Brooke Rivera was born on June 7, 2001, in Huntington Beach, California, United States. He holds American citizenship.

Even though he was famous on the internet, he did not disclose personal information about childhood and family. It is known that his mother’s name is Laura. As we mentioned, he has a brother, Brent Rivera, who is also very popular online. Also, they have two siblings, Brice and Blake Rivera.

Lexi is very close to his brothers, and we can see that in the photo and video. They like to spend quality time together and enjoy their closeness.

There is no information available at the school about what he attended, but he must do it. We can see that through the channel, when he posted a video named the day in my life at school.

Professional career

When he was very young, he appeared in his brother’s video, who had become a famous YouTuber. Fans are happy to see young Lexi.

Thanks to his brother, Superstar Young became popular. At present, it has more than 2.8 Instagram followers, which is impressive. In addition, the YouTube channel calculates more than 1.4 million customers.

Many of the videos have more than 6 million views, and it’s a great success.

In addition to an amazing internet career, he is also a gymnast. Since he is young, influencers are pretty happy to train. At present, he likes to exercise and take care of his appearance. Some of his favorite exercises are cardio exercises.

Personal life

Rivera is an interesting young woman, and there is no doubt that many boys like it. However, he was in a relationship committed to Ben Azelart, who is a professional skateboarder. Sportsmen often appear in Lexi videos.

The couple shared for almost two years, and they enjoyed their love.

Lexi Rivera Net worth 2020

Famous internet stars mostly make money from their prominent social media career. Even though he was young, he managed to make good money.

In 2020, Lexi Rivera had a net worth of $ 300,000. However, his fans’ base grows every day, so we can hope that clean wealth will be much higher.

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