Lisa Nicole Net worth 2021

Job: 5linx fashion designer, writer miss millionaire maker

Education: Pre-Med University John Hopkins

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If you are ready for another wavy trip with women marrying medicine, getting ready because season 2 will make you need medical attention from all the dramas that go down this time.

The women who returned this season were Mariah Huq, Quad Webb-Leyford, Dr. Jackie Walters, Toya Bush-Harris, and Dr. Simone Whitmore. New women for this season are included; Hansel Heavenly Kime, a dentist who married a doctor, and Lisa Nicole Cloud, a successful businessman and fashion designer. He managed to reach a lot in his career despite his care. So why do these women seem to have a happy marriage, great relations with children and their careers, throw away everything and do a reality series?

Lisa Nicole Cloud is an intentional woman, with passion and vision. He has influenced the industry direct sales and professional network for the past 10 years. He received undergraduate education in Atlanta, Georgia at Emory University where he was a major in Psychology / Pre-Med. He did postgraduate work at Johns Hopkins University where he successfully completed their prestigious leadership development program.

Lisa’s experience in sales & marketing, strategy development & implementation, and training for several Fortune 100 companies have enabled her to succeed in building a large direct sales business in the telecommunications industry and technology. As a result of his success, he began and launched a successful direct marketing company, an elite marketing strategy. The focus and success have been in the field of personal development, executive training and strategy and training of network distribution buildings. To praise the training and training techniques, he has produced several audio training series on personal development and direct sales building strategies.

Over the past few years, Lisa has carried out several hundred high-energy leadership training and sales seminars throughout the US and abroad where it has an impact and trains thousands of representatives in direct sales, personal development and professional networks. He has provided consulting services in the field of developing marketing & implementation strategies and organizational development for companies in various business sectors such as health services, sports entertainment, information systems, pharmacy, and telecommunications, only for some names.

Don’t let the small stature fool you, Lisa is a small dynamo! Dynamic, charming, charismatic, vibrant, and original, often the term used to describe it. Lisa, a mission in life is to help people identify their gods given talents so that they can do more, more, achieve more and have a positive impact on our community. Lisa will motivate and inspire any audience because she consistently applies management, psychology, personal development and leadership principles, bringing real life experiences to their presentation and training. He captures and holds its audience with high energy, passion, charming story, real life examples, and humor. The message motivates, inspires and produces quantum leaps in productivity and performance for any company. Lisa shows a dream power audience and the key to turning it into reality. Lisa, the message is simple: your attitude in life determines your height in life. Stay focused and walk your dreams!

Lisa has helped develop and train thousands of entrepreneurs throughout the world and are well-known and respected coaches in the direct sales industry. Lisa has been displayed in, international power magazine, your business at home, success from home, women, journal, p

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