Logitech Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini Gain Support for New Collaboration Platforms

Logitech announced the publication of its last operating system called Color 1.2. With the upgraded operating system, Logitech devices, including the rally bar and the Mini rally bar, now support communication and collaboration platforms, including Goto, Pexip and Ringcentral. The all-in-one logitech videoconferencing device was announced in January.

Logitech says they are directed directly into hybrid work environments and have enabled companies to transform meeting rooms of all sizes using flexible and easily deployed videoconferencing equipment. With the upgraded software, the rally bar and the mini rally bar, all-in-one devices are able to run Native Goto, PEXIP and Ringcentral applications in Appliance mode.

This means that no PC needs to be in the room during video conference with these applications. Logitech notes that when used with Goto, its devices can transform a meeting into a modern and dynamic workspace with video collaboration at the forefront of technology. Integration uses Linux-based operating system to keep meetings as flexible as possible.

PEXIP integration provides simple meeting experiments with a one-touch junket that allows employees to attend Pexip service meetings from a PEXIP room using a web browser, via the PEXIP application. Third party SIP devices. Ringcentral integration provides a “one-stop shop” for videoconferencing purposes. Logitech said that videoconferencing on the desktop or via client systems in the room is supported. Integration provides a complete sequence of product solutions for companies requiring communication and collaboration in a hybrid environment.

Logitech says that users of these three platforms can now integrate their familiar and trust services directly into the rally bar and the mini rally bar. Integration allows users to create a high experience to meet the participants in the room and remotely with the ability to deploy at the scale.

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