Meet Alexis Ren Instagram Bombshell and Model

Alexis Ren is an internet star and a young and famous model. He built his career promoting his videos and photos of healthy lifestyles, and he collaborated with the big names of the fashion industry. Follow the article and find out what makes it so special. In addition, learn about the background and life today.

Alexis Ren early life

Alexis Ren’s birth date was November 23, 1996 in Santa Monica. His father was Frank Gaylord, and he was a lawyer, and his mother, Cynthia, worked as a nutritionist. Unfortunately, in 2014 his mother lost the battle against cancer and died. The young girl has four siblings – three sisters and brothers. He learned from home because his mother decided that way. He began his career at the age of 14 years.


In 2014 he had a connection with the Jay Alvarez model. They posted several photos together online and participated in the video video “Hey” by Fais and Afrojack. The young couple is active on social media, and they upload something new continuously, which is unusual for their followers

However, everything is stable until they enter a public battle online, posting vague texts with each other. In the same year, he cooperated with Brandy Melville, and he was released as a model for a smaller brand and the show until the management of the Nous model made an agreement with him for magazine advertising “seventeen.” Its popularity is not much on that internet.

When he was 16 years old, he “hung” photos on Tumblr with Lucas Passmore from a professional photo shoot, and soon he began to get a lot of fans. Immediately, his profile calculated around 8.5 million followers, mostly young women’s populations. Then, he worked with “We The Urban Magazine,” “C-Heads Magazine,” and “NextDoormodel” Magazine.

In addition, he was approached by big brands like Forever 21, Puma, Calvin Klein, Loreal, and many others. In 2014 he was a model for “Sahara Ray Swimwear” in Los Angeles. In 2015 he was part of a fantastic ad for a surfing magazine swimsuit by Calvin Klein, and this was the most significant collaboration.

Personal life

Apart from being involved in fashion, a young celebrity likes painting, dancing and he also plays the guitar. He went to a ballerina class for ten years. He is a tattoo fan, and he has three of them so far, dedicated to his mother. Starting young are animal and nature lovers.

He has a dog and cat as pets. Talking about how he looked after himself, he was in a healthy food program for several years, and he participated in Yoga and Pilates every day. As mentioned earlier, this young model is very popular on the internet, so nowadays, the Instagram account has 13.9 million followers. At Gramvi, for example, you can find some other popular celebrity accounts and trends that are currently trending.

He was in a happy relationship with Noah Centineo.

Alexis Ren Net worth 2020

In March 2020, Alexis Ren had a net worth of approximately $ 5 million. This ultimately imposes a bank account for someone’s age, and the number comes from large modeling projects with top brands. Young celebrities have a bright future in front of them, and the amount will grow.

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