NASA will send two missions to Venus by 2030

At the beginning of last year, NASA awarded NASA $ 3 million each to develop potential missions The space agency could develop in expeditions in its own right. He now plans to move forward with two of these projects and there is a theme of Venus shared between them.

The first of these is called the deep atmosphere of Venus survey on noble gases, chemistry and imaging, or Davinci + for short and something that is less blocked. Crafts will visit Venus to include high-resolution photos of the planet’s surface and its unique geological features, including its tesserae continent. He will also deploy a “descent sphere” that will go through the atmosphere of the planet collecting data on the gases there. Hope is that Davinci + will help scientists determine if Venus had already had an ocean and understand how the planet became such a towel.

The second mission, veritas or Venus emissivity, radio sciences, insar, topography and spectroscopy, will visit the planet to create detailed and three-dimensional maps of its surface with a synthetic opening radar. It will also follow the infrared emissions of the surface to map the makeup of its rocks, which is something that scientists do not know much. With Veritas, NASA hopes to better understand how geological forces work on Venus and to understand why the planet has grown so differently from the earth.

For these projects to be a reality, NASA provides each of $ 500 million funding. The agency says it expects them to get into the land between 2028 and 2030. Davinci + and Veritas came out of its discovery program, which sees scientists who launch NASA on relatively small missions. expensive. One of the most recent craftsmen get out of the program was the lunar recognition orbiter.

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