Nintendo Switch 2 could finally arrive in September

It has a little over four years now, but the Nintendo switch continues to be a strong competitor in the game market. It might not last a long time, because, like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X series | S made the same switch fans piercing for a uptrade. Nintendo is still big on the upgrades of the consoles, but could finally be giving the cries for a Nintendo 2 switch whose production could begin in July and head for a launch of September.

Insider sources do not really call the Nintendo 2 switch and, given Nintendo’s story, we could call the Nintendo XL switch. This could be accurate because the console should move to a 7-inch Samsung OLED screen, but the display resolution may not change significantly. The console will get a faster NVIDIA chip that can generate 4k, but only if it is moored and connected to a TV.

These rumors are not new but what is interesting about the Bloomberg report is the alleged timeline. It is said that the Assembly begins in July and peak in October, but the switch 2 should be launched in September. Nintendo could also announce the game terminal before June 12 before the E3 conference.

These are very generous estimates considering that the world is currently immersed in a shortage of semiconductors. However, the suppliers are convinced that they will be able to meet the needs of Nintendo since the components of the switch are not in high demand compared to the tastes of the PS5 and the Xbox One X. That said, chips for the Display and Bluetooth controllers are also in the low supply and Nintendo already admitted, it had difficulty supplying the current generation of switching consoles.

Given this context, as well as the growing costs of components and work, even in China, expect the Nintendo 2 switch to cost much more than the Current-Gen $ 299 price tag. However, if these upgrades will be sufficient to satisfy switching fans, are still uncertain, but Nintendo will eliminate the OG switch anyway, there will be not much choice at that time.

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