ONEPLUS NORTH CE for missing an important feature, according to a new teaser

The OnePlus Nord This 5G arrives next week, but there are many things we do not know. A new teaser of the company does not reveal much more, but it suggests that the next countertain medium does not have the alert cursor.

The OnePlus Nord This 5G will be unveiled on June 10 for markets such as India and Europe. This will be the new Smartphone at the brand’s budget, and possibly, its most expensive in India. Although we have an approximate idea of ​​what to expect, it could disappoint purists looking for the full OnePlus experience.

In the last OnePlus Nord this teaser, a silhouette of the phone frame has been shared. The power button and the rocker volume are at the usual location, but a closer look reveals that there is no alert cursor – OnePlus’ iconic addition equipment allows users to change the profile his in a jiffy.

If the alert cursor finishes omitted, it will be the first OnePlus phone in India to do it. All other devices from the OnePlus had. That said, even North N100 and North N10 did not have the cursor, but those who have never went to India.

In addition, another extension on Instagram Reading “A pile of steps forward. A step Jack” confirmed that the OnePlus Nord this will also bring the 3.5 mm headphone jack – a feature of the last time on the OnePlus 6 which was launched in early 2018. For what this applies, North N100 and N10 also had the headphone jack.

It seems that the OnePlus Nord this 5G will have more common with its cheaper brothers and sisters than the original OnePlus Nord.

The other expected specifications include the 750g Snapdragon, an AMOLED 90Hz screen, a 64MP primary camera, a fast load and a thin shape factor. Current speculation points at a departure price below 25,000 rupees in India.

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