ONEPLUS WATCH B.52 Update brings new training modes

The OnePlus watch that launched in India has recently seen some updates. And now a new update for it is open that brings fresh features.

The update, numbered in B.52, brings new training modes and new surveillance. This has been detailed in a post of Patch Notes on the OnePlus Developer Website Forum.

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OnePlus Watch Update B.52: What’s New

The new update brings multiple training modes to the OnePlus watch, which means it now has 110 training modes. In addition, the update adds a marathon operating function and a monitoring function of the Ai holding. Developers have added a tip that users can press some monitoring windows to reveal a hidden function.

Fix notes mention that the OTA update will reach a small percentage of users first, then the developers will start a larger deployment in the coming days. With regard to precautions, it mentions that users must ensure that the power of the watch is greater than 40% before upgrading and maintaining the watch and the mobile phone close and keep the Bluetooth connection during the process. upgrade.

The previous update saw the OnePlus watch get the display feature always on which developers promised earlier. Once the display knob always is lit, the screen remains constantly on. This will lead to increased energy consumption. The life of the battery will be reduced by about half according to the developers.

The other new feature added last time was the remote control camera function, which will allow users to click on their smartphone with a trigger on their watch onEplus.

It has already been promised that developers add support in 12-hour format and four languages: German, Italian, Spanish and Polish soon.

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