Ranikhet is a heavenly spot for traveling buffs

Ranikhet is a gorgeous hill station in Uttarakhand. If you haven’t visited this beautifully snuggled town, you must visit it. Actually, being a very popular tourist attraction, there are numerous places of sightseeing and interest at Ranikhet.

If you begin to walk through the places to visit in ranikhet, you will see that there is a huge diversity right there. Whether you are a spiritual soul, adventurous enthusiast or nature lover, you are going to get your thirst satisfied.

Chaubatia Gardens

Talking about these splendid Chaubatia Gardens, they are situated around ten kilometres south of Ranikhet. The name Chaubatia actually suggests the intersection of four cities. It is a magnificent garden of plush green field and these are hovering at a height of one thousand eight hundred metres above sea level. Chaubatia stretches over six hundred acres of land.

The entire spot is well known for the orchards loaded with juicy fruits such as apples, peaches, apricots and so on. The charming place is a nature centre for the lovers, friends and those who want to develop a relation with nature. The Himalayan views and refreshing gusts of air make visitors amazed.

Jhula Devi Temple

Jhula Devi temple is an old 8th century temple mapped at a distance of around seven kilometres from Ranikhet near Chaubatia. Once there were a number of wild animals lived here. These were like tigers and leopards. They were in the habit of attacking the local people, inhabited in the thick woods near temple.

It has been believed that when the local people offered prayers to MaaDurga for their protection, the DurgaMaa then came in the dream of a shepherd and recommended him to dig her idol. Henceforth, this temple was constructed on the very spot. Since this time, it has been believed that Jhuli Devi fulfils the wishes of her devotees. Once the wishes and prayers of devotees get accomplish theyoffer a bell at this temple. So, once you are there, you are going to witness plenty of bells!

Bhalu Dam

Bhalu Dam is situated close to Ranikhet and is around seven to eight kilometres from Chaubatiya Garden on a remote corner. A tiny hike leads the visitors to this dam. This dam is an artificial lake decorated in the conserved forest area situated around three kilometres below the Chaubatia Orchard. The spot is one kilometre trek from Ranikhet.

The beautiful lake was built in the year 1903 by the British Government. Basically, it was constructed to resolve the water shortage problems in the area. The surrounding zones of this gorgeous lake cater hypnotic views of the sun-smooched Himalayan peaks. This site is very popular for camping, picnicking and more. Tourists visit the location throughout the year.

In a nutshell, these were a few spots of Ranikhet; if you want you can explore the entire streak of destinations. Just get your comfortable rooms booked in hotels in ranikhet Uttarakhand and carry out a thrilling holiday. Once you are here, don’t forget to carry along your cameras because the views and vistas are worth capturing here.

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