Tab Galaxy A 8.0 (2019) with Android Pen 11 Update is finally here

Despite its efforts to streamline its products, Samsung still has a number with sometimes confusing names. All are not all created equal and, without surprise, not all have the same treatment with respect to updates. This is sometimes true even for mid-range devices that are always subject to support, especially Samsung mid-range tablets. This was the case of the Galaxy tab at 8.0 from 2019 which brought a pen that only obtained his Android 11 and a 3.1 updated UI.

To be fair, Samsung showed mid-time mid-time 2019 a bit of update over the years. He launched in 2019 with Android 9.0 Pie and was updated to a 2.0 UI with Android 10 last year. The problem has always been one of the timings, with Android 12 to just a few months. But, as they say, better late than never.

An IU 3.1 and Android 11 are of course huge updates that bring huge changes under the hood and in the user interface. Android 11 has made changes to the underlying framework, especially when it comes to confidentiality, while new features such as floating discussion bubbles and a smart home menu via the power button.

An IU 3.1, on the other hand, refined the new design language that Samsung started a few years back. This update also made improvements to Samsung Stock applications like Samsung Internet. Unfortunately, it also suppresses some features such as Wi-Fi and Samsung direct sharing recommends using the share near Android.

The update is not only huge in the changes, but also size at 1.3 GB, prepare the best of the storage space in lean tablet. Given the Galaxy tab A 8.0 (2019) with the age of age and the price of S Pen, however, it could very well be its last major update and is certainly an adjustment of the last for the Solid range slate.

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