The AD supported plan of $ 10 HBO Max is now available

It is now a little cheaper to register for a HBO max subscription. The streaming platform now has a monthly plan funded by $ 10 in addition to the standard level of $ 15 / month. There is also an annual payment option that will save you 15%. One year of HBO Max with ADS Access costs $ 100 or you can speed up the ads for $ 150 / year.

There are several compromises if you go with the cheaper option. In addition to four minutes per hour, flows will be limited to 1080p instead of 4K and you will not be able to download for offline visualization.

In addition to this, you will not have access to the movies that Warner Bros. Releases simultaneously into theaters and HBO Max this year only. These films will initially be available to broadcast for a month, but only for users on the normal plane. People on the subscription supported by advertising will be able to broadcast them when they return HBO MAX several months on the line.

For those who are used to watching HBO shows without advertising, do not worry. HBO programming such as the set of thrones, euphoria, sopranos and insecurity will not have ads, even on the lower level.

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