The AWD Toyota BZ4X electric vehicle concept gets official

Toyota officially revealed its BZ4X concept this week at its North American headquarters. The car manufacturer has carried out electric vehicles for a long time and is a leader in electrified cars around the world. The BZ4X concept is a vision of the first vehicle of a world series of battery electric vehicles introduced under the umbrella of the Toyota BZ brand.

The car manufacturer says that the SUV is about the size of its RAV4, the versatility allowing it to stand other electric vehicles on the market. Toyota says that the best part of the electric vehicle is that it has Toyota’s quality, durability and reliability that customers are waiting. The electric vehicle was developed jointly with Subaru, which probably means that there will also be a Subaru version.

The vehicle is built on a new E-TNGA dedicated electric platform that combines quality, long-term sustainability and reliability and AWD’s ability to provide a comfortable and engaging vehicle. BZ4X has a long wheelbase with short overhangs that give it a separate design with a lot of interior space. It features an open concept interior designed to improve driver comfort and road confidence.

The interior has been designed for purposes to give the driver a feeling of space and comfort with a low dashboard positioned. The gauges above the steering wheel expand the sense of space and provide the driver a sense of security and safety during the driving. Toyota confirmed that it plans to expand about 70 global electrified models by 2025.

In this new range of electrified models, 15 vehicles will be devoted to battery electric vehicles, including seven that carry the BZ moniker, which means beyond zero. Toyota has also confirmed that it intends to bring electrification to its pickup range soon.

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