The best of PGs in Adyar

Before seeking for a permanent home, people usually seek for a temporary home. When, they are newly residing in a place, they cannot afford for a permanent home sooner. So, initially, they seek for a rented home, independent room or hostel. Usually, girls who are studying or women who are working seek accommodation in a hostel. It is a safe and secure place for women. They can also learn to become independent. Men usually live in shared rooms or apartments.

Everybody cannot afford to buy luxurious homes or apartments, but they can afford cheap homes. They usually prefer to live as paying guests in somebody’s house. People buy different types of homes such as shared rooms, full house or private rooms.

Shared rooms

Two to three boys or unmarried men can buy a rented home that is well-furnished. Usually the houses that are fully furnished are expensive. Only one person cannot afford to pay the rent. So, they share the home with two or three other people. Then, they live together and share the rent. Usually, such houses comprise furniture and other equipments such as solar, modular kitchen system etc. They can seek for pg in adyar as the rates of adyar are relatively cheaper.

Full house

Some people can buy a full house. Usually, people who earn higher income can afford to buy a larger house. The rent is higher and they are willing to pay the rent individually. They can afford to buy a 2BHK or 3BHk independent homes and the owner may be located nearby. Some homes are fully-furnished; some are semi-furnished, whereas some homes are unfurnished. The homes that are fully furnished are even expensive. The homes that are unfurnished are cheaper.

Private rooms

Many people usually prefer to buy private rooms to maintain privacy. They usually prefer to buy single rooms to stay independently. Such private rooms are available in apartments also and they can find the best pgs in adyar. The owner may let out a room on rent. Only one person can live in that room for rent. They should pay some amount of deposits and then also pay the other charges separately.

So, people can buy different types of homes, but they should pay fixed rent every month. Apart from rent, they should pay electrical charges, water charges or any taxes if applicable regularly. They should also pay the maintenance charges regularly. The deposits are usually higher if the person is living in independent homes.

Adyar is a suburb area in South Chennai. It is a large town located on the bank of Adyar River. Many PGs are available today because many people migrate to this place to seek job. So, they initially require a home to stay. Many students also settle in Chennai to continue their education. So, they require a PG. Usually girls stay in hostels because they can fulfill their basic necessities and also live in a safe place. The tenants and the owners should discuss with each other and enter into mutual agreement before planning to stay. They both should fulfill the legal formalities and produce different documents. Hence, they can maintain a good rapport with each other.

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