The Insane Food Items of Old Delhi You cannot Miss

If you are in the capital of India Delhi for any reason then don’t forget to binge in the food it has to cater. Many of you might think about New Delhi only but the true excitement of food is truly in the lanes of purana Delhi.

 You need to check out a single Old Delhi food walk and you are going to be pampered like never before. The food that the old Delhi caters is going to make you feel really rich, uplifted and startled. There are many items in food that you should not miss out once you are in Old Delhi. And even if you specially have to go to old Delhi, it is worth every step.

Exclusive Jalebis

Saturated with spectacular sugary syrup that tasted both familiar and absolutely exotic, the classic and elite Indian pastry called Jalebi of purana Delhi is going to take you to next level. It retained a crispy crunch that would win your senses in a single bite for sure.  This epic Jalebi dish of old Delhi is must have. You try it out and you would not be able to stop praising it. People who experience these richly dipped and extremely crispy jalabis are always full of praise for them.


It is a dish that you would find in your area too in many cities of India. But again, the samosa of Old Delhi is of different flavour and distinct. You would find yourself floating in the world of ingredients and steamy flavours. The spicy chatnis provide a perfect blend to the crispy, crunchy outer layer of samosa and the inside soft ingredients melt in your mouth like a bliss. In simple words for the uninitiated, samosas are delicious fried pastries packed with starchy fillings such as potatoes, peas and even that of lentils as well as spices, meats and vegetables. You can find different types of samosas with different kinds of ingredients once you are in the gali of Purana Delhi.

The stunning Chaats

Dreamy and creamy, you can find the world of chaats really rich.  The chats are not just about the ingredients but about the topping of honey and saffron. The beauty of such a rich dish is that anyone can easily afford this reasonably priced Indian sweet treat on the lanes of Old Delhi. You can find the different types of chaats with curds, spices, chillies, potatoes and many other things filled in the chaats. A single bowl of chaat would look like a perfect dish for you.


Now this is something that you are going to love for sure. Indeed, paranthas that you would find in the puranagalis of Delhi are going to get you amazing time. You must not skip the Paronthaywaligali in old Delhi. It is going to introduce you to the streak of options in paranthas that you might not even hear of.

Thus, a single experience of food walks old Delhi will make you so much contented and excited. You must not miss out these pleasures of old Delhi!

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