The next cheap Motorola phone could be a great Samsung Galaxy Note 21 rival

The Stylus phones are rare and, while the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 seemed to be the only one to embark on 2021 (if it does it at all), we could see a surprise of Motorola on the way very soon.

This is because a fragment thinks that a version 5G compatible with the motorcycle G Stylus (2021) is soon available. This fragment, called Nils Ahrensmeier, also shared images that are below.

Ahrensmeier is not a prolific search, but what is their trace lacks in quantity, this compensates for quantity – more, these images confirm an old confusion point. Just before the motorcycle G Stylus (2021) launched, a fragry popular revealed images of the phone that proved inaccurate – but these more recent images seem identical to these, suggesting that the future future was actually. Phone 5g.

In the images we can see a square camera lug, a rear finger fingerprint sensor and a front-facing camera at the top left of the screen in a cut. The camera and the fingerprint scanner are both different compared to the non-5G model.

According to Ahrensmeier, this phone will be exclusive in the United States – it makes sense because the standard Moto G stylus was also. We do not have details on an exit date yet.

If the motorcycle G Stylus 5G leak has a NEXT-GEN connectivity, a stylus and a low price (because the motorcycle G brand involves), it could be a strong rival for the Samsung Galaxy Note 21, a phone which will hit these first two points but possibly miss in the latter.

By saying that we have heard strong rumors that the Samsung S pen smartphone was canceled in 2021, so that Stylus-lovers could have little choice for their next smartphone

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