Three Dupes You Need to Know About

Brand names often get their reputation for a good reason; they pride themselves in their specific company ethos and want to give consistent results and experiences to their customers. However, there are some moments where we just cannot afford the price tag that goes with these well-known names, but obviously, you still do not want to skimp on the quality or end up with a product that doesn’t work as it should. This is where dupes come in.

Dupes (an abbreviation of duplicates) offer you a similar quality of product to those that come with the brand name, just without the price! With that in mind and saving a little bit of money, let us look at some dupes that you just need to know about.

Birkenstock Style Sandals

Spring is coming, and while there are already people out here wearing shorts at the first sight of sun, we are still very much contending with some questionable weather. Nevertheless, preparing for brighter days will always be worthwhile, and for plenty of fashionistas, this will mean some comfy sandals.

When it is finally time to put away our winter boots and start letting our toes wriggle free, a brand name that might come to mind is Birkenstocks. These sandals are iconic spring to summer footwear, but they also are not cheap. If you want a sandal that resembles a Birkenstock but is also comfortable on the wallet, visit a site such as Cushionaire, a company that offers styles that are well known and loved but cost a fraction of the originals.

Couple Bean Bag

Love seats can get expensive, and one of the main trending love seats that you can buy is one in the style of a bean bag. The more expensive brands such as LoveSac might see you forking out more money than is necessary for a product, just for the brand name. So why not opt for a lovesac dupe instead? These high-quality bean bags boast comfy foam, fast delivery, offer excellent prices per ft, and come in various sizes! Sometimes opting for a dupe is even more of a bargain than you bargained for.

High-End Moisturizers

Celebrities and influencers alike have often talked about their most splurged on creams in their beauty routines – a classic being La Mer, which comes with an eye-watering price tag of $510. However, the majority of us mere mortals do not have the spare price of our rent to spend on a small pot of cream, so does that mean we have to miss out on soft, youthful skin? Absolutely not. Many members of the public have volunteered Nivea soft and original crème as one of the most affordable dupes on the moisturizing market. With a price point of under $5, this product is affordable enough for you to give it a try.

These three dupes will carry you into spring with style, comfort, and hydrated skin, which is basically all we can ask for right now.

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