Twitter gives, appoints an interim grievor in India

Twitter, in a sense, was probably simply showing boating. There was no way to escape you by being non-compliant with the country’s law. But after having been uncompromising and frightening for a few days, Twitter finally appointed the grievance recovery officer as needed by the new IT rules in India.

On its website, it is clear that the company has appointed Dharmendra Chatur as a remander of provisional grievances. It belongs to a designated partner in the law firm representing Twitter at the High Court of Delhi.

The last afternoon, Twitter also officially told the High Court of Delhi that it has appointed a grievance recovery officer in accordance with Rule 4 of Information Technology (Intermediate Guidelines and Code of Digital Ethics) Rules 2021 May 28th.

Other social media intermediaries such as Google, Facebook and WhatsApp also appointed a grievance recovery officer without too much public.

Last night, the High Court of Delhi gave Twitter notice for its allegation of non-compliance with the new rules of information technology. It has also been clearly stated to Twitter that it must meet the new rules of information technology if they have not been remained. The Court also asked the Government to file its reply.

Twitter had already searched for 3 months to comply with the new rules. He also tried to act cute by giving his American office as a recovery center. This has been unnecessarily unnecessarily in government and activists, one of which has actually taken Twitter in court. And it is in this case that the company of the microblogging platform had to announce quietly that he had appointed said officer.

The reluctance of Twitter to set up a recovery officer, who will have a role to play in case of complaint against litigation content, was a little disturbing.

And its strategy of using its execution with the Delhi police in a completely separated case in this question was a smart strategy. He thought it was the highest moral ground. What he was doing basically, hid a snoke to the law.

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