What is the definition of the scar?

A scar is generally an area of fibrous tissue that comes in place of normal skin after an injury. It results from the biological process of repairing of wound in the skin as well as in the other organs and tissues of the body. Apart from the accidental injuries, scar can result from diseases, skin conditions such as acne or surgeries. Any kind of wound, except some minor ones, result in some degree of scarring. Scars can take the form of either a red raised lump on the skin or into large timorous shape or even can take the form of sunken recess of the skin. Stretch marks are also a type of scar.

Occurring of a scar

Scars are formed when the deep, thick layer of the skin is damaged. The scars are composed of the same collagen fibre as the tissue it has replaced but the composition of the scar tissue is different compared to the normal tissue. Scars form after a wound is completely healed. Scars also differ in the amounts of collagen over expressed. It is observed that if a wound heals quickly within one or two weeks with new formation of the skin no scar will form as the deposition of collagen fiber will be minimal.

How to treat scars?

Although it is true that the scars cannot be removed completely but their appearances can be improved to some extents. Many methods are there to fight the scars like surgery, steroid injections, radiotherapy, laser resurfacing but these are all for the serious cases. Study has shown that silicon is one of the most effective ingredients in reducing the appearance of the scars. Though the scars changes color and fade naturally with time, but some products like no scar creams significantly reduce their appearance due to the presence of such ingredients. It is also possible that the body repair the scars treated well with those creams while the user is sleeping. Many brands are there in the market claiming their best crown depending upon these types of facilities in their creams. Searching for the no scars cream online will provide the user with numbers of options of various kinds of brands with numerous features to go for. Most of these products are rich in either silicones or hyaluronic acid or allantoin or pure vitamin E oil for softening and flattening the facial scars.

Measures to take

It needs to be remembered that these creams are for external use only and the label should be read for accurate directions of use. The affected area should be cleaned and dried before applying the cream. Some side effects like burning, irritation, itching or redness can happen as side effects which should be immediately brought into the notice of the doctors. These creams may be unsafe during pregnancy.


Products like no scars cream, no scars night cream and others are therefore obviously in high demand for their effectiveness but a little survey about the ingredients of the cream and consulting a doctor for choosing the best option is highly advised.

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