Which is the Top Hospital for Lung Transplant in India?


Lung Transplant is the medical procedure that is a success in very few countries across the world. One of those countries delivering a successful treatment with a high success rate in India.

The success rate of lung transplant procedures in India is above 90%. Also, the cost of transplant in the country is 40 to 50 per cent less than other countries of the world.

So, if you want to avail the benefits of the procedure, you can plan your treatment in the Best Hospital for Lung Transplant in India.

What are the facilities offered by the best lung transplant hospitals in India?

The lung transplant hospitals in India proceeds with the treatment only after the complete evaluation of the medical condition of the patient.

If the treatment is possible without the transplant, the doctors first proceed with other options.

Doctors proceed with Lung Transplant only when other methods of treatment are not working. The surgeons have experience of more than a decade, and thus the success rate of medicine is more than 90%.

They also provide treatment at meagre rates. If you compare the cost of surgery in India and other countries, you will realise that the cost of treatment in the country is just half in India than Thailand.

If you compare the cost with countries like the US and the UK, you can realise that the price is eight to ten times higher.

Apart from that, we expect the infrastructure of the hospital such that the patient gets maximum convenience. The top lung transplant centres are NCBI accredited; they have high connectivity inside the building. So, it is easy for the patients and the attendants to shift from one division to another.

Lung Transplant Hospital in India has the facilities for prognosis, consultation, treatment, surgery, pharmacy and all that you can expect. There are separate centres for the people who need emergency care so that they can get immediate treatment.

Now, it is observed that patients are travelling from different parts of the world face language issues.

However, in top centres for a lung transplant in India have the interpreters for all international languages, so you will not have any difficulty during your stay in India.

Not only that, but you also have additional facilities apart from medical facilities in top hospitals of India, which include:

  • Multiple cuisines
  • International lounge offering convenient lodging facilities
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Cab facilities from airport to hospital and vice versa
  • Complete support and guidance for your queries and requirements.

Final Words:

In short, you do not have only the best hospitals but the best hospitality too. You can be in a foreign country for your treatment still you get all the facilities to feel at home.

Moreover, in most countries, you might have to wait for several years in other countries to undergo a lung transplant. However, in India, you can receive the treatment much earlier. It is because all the treatment centres have a different list for lung transplant patients.

So, if you have a donor and you fulfil the eligibility criteria, you can avail the treatment at the earliest.

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