You can buy AMD’s Ryzen 5000 tokens with Radeon Graphics on August 5th

AMD’s Ryzen 5000-Series Apus intrigued us when they were announced in April. They bring together the company’s latest Zen 3 processor core with vega 8 Radeon graphics on a single chip. This combination of performances would be great for a tiny desk, especially if you need to handle a little game on the side. But when they were announced for the first time, AMD said the Ryzen 7 5700G and Ryzen 5 5600g chips will only be available on pre-constructed systems. Today in Compuex, AMD has officially announced that consumers can buy 5600 g and 5700g on August 5 for $ 259 and $ 359, respectively.

This puts the 5700 g – a 16-core 16-wire chip that goes off 4.6 GHz – well below the popular 5800x, which exceeds about $ 449. The six-corre, 12-wire 5600g, meanwhile, is a slight value value against $ 299,5600x. AMD says the 5700g is up to 63% faster than Intel I7-11700 comparable kernel when it comes to video editing with Davinci Resolve 4K. As far as the games are concerned, the company says it is almost 2.5 times faster in the rouneous company while playing in 1080p with high settings.

As usual, we should test these chips ourselves to confirm the AMD’s claims. But given how the Apus of the 4000 series is accomplished, I would not be surprised if its Radeon graphics continue to circumvent Intel’s integrated material. As for the reason you would buy one of these things, they can be a good option for PC builders who can not have a hand on a powerful discrete GPU. Vega 8 graphics should allow you to get a 1080p light game in, especially for less demanding titles.

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