Fortnite extraterrestrial abductions arrive: what we know and how to be removed

Only hours after the last chapter 2 – Season 6 of the season 6 arrived, the minors of data revealed that an extraterrestrial invasion was heading towards the island of Battle Royale and that it would arrive before the end of the season in Classes. The invasion has been said to start with kidnappings that take place on the island and today brings the beginning of this activity.

The strong players were caught custody on Tuesday when the blue bright beams started out of heaven, targeting some players who were then drawn from the feet – first in a tractor beam. UFOs select random people on the island, the restoration of their health and shields, then drop them on the island – although somewhere where they were kidnapped.

The next season of the match arrives on June 7 and will be based on some pictures that started making their towers online, are called “they arrive”. The title refers to the extraterrestrials who expected to hit the battle royal island in the next season on the theme of space, although questions remain, including what type of island makeup players can expect and that The extraterrestrials are on the ground.

The first rumors claimed that you were to be near-risk-coils to be removed by foreigners, but the number of kidnappings increases, it has changed. It seems that you can be removed literally anywhere on the battle royal island, but there does not seem to be able to draw the extraterrestrials towards you. As such, your best shooting shot is to continue playing matches.

We are less than a week of arrival of the next season, so you will not have to stay patient much longer. EPIC managed to prevent any leak from the major season to know what we saw with the last two seasons, so it remains to be seen if the island will get a new theme of space or if the company has something Other in mind.

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