Galaxy book go with the advertised snapdragon processors finally

When Samsung revealed his “most powerful galaxy” last month, we expected that an unusual galaxy appears. The Galaxy Go book is not perfectly powerful with respect to rumors, so it may have been a bad shape for the event after all. That said, he has his appeal, or at least Samsung tries to make him attractive, with his focus on mobility and battery life. Of course, it is thanks to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 7C and 8CX Calculation Platforms, which essentially means that the Galaxy Book Go series is the last addition to the group rather small of Windows 10 on laptops.

The arms platform naturally has a lot of appeal in the computer industry because of its almost innate energy efficiency that makes them ideal for smaller or mobile devices. Although arm-based laptops are not really new, the Apple M1 has definitely made them more interesting to the point that even traditional media and more consumers have become aware of the transformers other than Intel, AMD and even Qualcomm.

Of course, the Mac Apple M1 are also a challenge for Samsung, Qualcomm and Windows whose products are directly in the crosslinking of the most powerful computers of Apple. The arrival of the Galaxy Book Go series, is almost a response to Mac M1, pushing the themes of mobility and connectivity for displacement productivity. This connectivity is delivered via the 7C Gen 2 Snapdragon for the Galaxy LTE-single book and the more powerful Gen 8CX Snapdragon for the Galaxy GO 5G book.

In almost all other aspects, both are almost similar, both 14 inches 14 inches 14 inches, 4GB or 8 GB of 24GB and 64 GB or 128 GB storage. Since it runs Windows 10 to the arm, it also has access to the same Windows link and your phone feature that allows you to reflect Android applications on Windows. It also supports the use of a Galaxy S7 tab as a second screen and can easily pair with Galaxy buds for Bluetooth audio.

The Galaxy Go book with Snapdragon 7C Gen 2 is launched on June 10 with the starting price of $ 349. The book Galaxy GO 5G running on a Snapdragon 8CX Gen 2 chip will come later this summer for an always undisclosed price tag.

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