Samsung unveils the new business SSD company with maximized user capacity, longer life

Samsung Electronics has introduced a new Solid State (SSD) company with a ZNS ZNS (ZNS), PM1731A technology, which will optimize the ability of available users and provide longer life in storage environments, data center. and the cloud.

Built on the sixth generation of Samsung, the 2.5-inch PM1731a will be presented in two models Therabyte (TB) and four to. The SSD will have double ports, ensuring that the reader is fully accessible for continuous operations and to minimize downtime. This is essential for businesses and public cloud businesses that can not afford to pause in the continuity of their businesses.

Improved SSDs will enable corporate customers to manage major data and artificial intelligence applications with much larger efficiency, Samsung said in a press declaration.


Samsung, who hopes to develop the ZNS ecosystem, will make it available to XNVME that provides software libraries and tools to improve the performance of NVME devices. Samsung said that it also participates in the storage performance storage community (SPDK) created by Intel, allowing SPDK users to apply the ZNS more easily.

ZNS technology retains data in groups based on their use and access frequency, and stores sequentially in independent areas within an SSD. Thus, ZNS SSDs can considerably reduce the amount of data rearrangement operations.

“It will last the reader up to four times longer than conventional NVME SSDs, making it a greener and more sustainable solution for server infrastructure,” said the company.

The ZNS also allow users to take advantage of the full capacity of the SSD by eliminating the need to overvatch, which would have requested the reservation of certain storage spaces for basic tasks, added.

Samsung hopes to mass produce its ZNS SSD in the second half of the year.

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