Scan your face to see how the exercise affects your mental health

ASICS has launched a new online study, asking you to report how you feel before and after a training session as part of a global study on the effect of mental health.

The study was launched today (2 June) to coincide with the World Race Day. To participate, visit the Asics Mind Lifter Louvor website (accessible on mobile and computer), where you will be prompted to analyze your face to read your emotional state. You will then be invited to answer a set of questions designed to evaluate your brain function before working for at least 20 minutes.

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Although the ASICS are better known for its running shoes, this can be any type of exercise. In fact, the study aims to capture a wide range of activities, and 25 activities are included as options.

Once you’re done, return to the website, take another scan and repeat the survey issue and scan to make your contribution and see your results. You will also have the opportunity to download the results to social media with the hashtag #upliftingminds, if you wish.

Your data will contribute to an interactive map, where you will see the effect of sport in cities, countries and around the world.

Save the face

You can worry about the implications of submitting a scanning of your face (and understandably), then Techradar asked what’s going on and how it is protected.

“The ASICS have been very careful to ensure that participants do not need to enter personal data to use the raised of the mind,” said the company.

“Although facial scanning technology is used as part of the tool, no image session or participants’ faces screenshots is accepted and that participants are not identifiable that has not provided personal data.”

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