The new Dice Awards Organizer Festival will honor the art of video game

The Academy of Arts and Interactive Sciences (AIAS) highlights the art of video game. The non-profit, which organizes the long-standing dice, the launch of an annual festival vis-à-vis the technical talents to shape the visual identity of a game.

At the inaugural event, called the game manufacturer’s Sketchbook, an industry insider jury will eliminate braces between categories, including the scenario, the environment of the environment, the art of character, iconography, curiosities and impact. The committee will include representatives of insomnic games in Ratchet & Clank Studio, Bioware mass developer, naughty dog, Warner Bros and Valve.

From tomorrow, submissions for the first showcase will be open for about a month. The launch event will highlight the art of illustrious games published since January, 2020. Of course, there was no shortage of distinctive titles during this period: from burning Indie Hades to Neon Sheen of CyberPunk 2077 At the Animal Animal Escaplery: New Horizons.

Many fans will think it’s time. Since, although there are a number of high-level video game prices, most focus on the best platform title or specific kind. The only major gong for visuals who stand in mind is the best category of orientation of the art to which game prices – who came to the bite of Sucker Punch and the Japanese period of Sony Epic, Ghost of Tsushima, last year’s ceremony.

The sketch of the game manufacturer will also give fans the possibility of buying articles of art associated from the co-founder of Festival Iam8bit. While artists will participate in podcast conversations and features at dice-related events.

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