Valuing turns a: offers limited edition player cards and free event card

Riot Games launched its “Tactical Tactical Tactical Video Game 5V5”, Improving Return on June 2nd, 2020. And yesterday, the game has completed a whole year and riot games announced year a reward for players.

The riot games commemorate this opportunity by offering players a free booty. In a blog, developers write: “With a year of valuing in the books, the only thing to do is celebrate for a month. That’s why in June, we launched value Yr1, a slate of events and opportunities – game and thank you for thanking you with cool tricks for a year of a year of headshots, advanced plants and insta lockouts. “

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The year when an event each has their specific start and execution times, but most of them have already started. Riot brings back the night.Market for this occasion. offers a collection of six random skins available for purchase, at a reduced price and unique to each player.

The anti-riot games also bring back the packet of the race, but with a touch. Cannon skins included in the package are determined by a player vote that is currently live. The vote will close on 7 June and part of the product will go to charity. The winners announced on June 16th.

Players will also be offered to three valuing player cards that will be part of the YR1 set limited edition that celebrate episode 1, 2 and 3. Episode 1 card will be a drop of drop but a riot did not mention there where and will be available until June 9th. . The Episode 2 card will be a privileged game drop of YR1 special and until you are available from 9 to 14 June. While Card Episode 3 will be part of the first YR1 event pass.

Developers add a battle battle from the community to Episode 4, which will obtain a unique article elected from the region as sprays, firearms buddies and titles. Riot also announced that the success of the YR1 event will be free for everyone. It will have seven levels of exclusive YR1 articles such as Player Card Episode 3, a budding of firearms, etc. The riot games also tease the arrival of a new agent at the end of the blog.

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